Many uses of Calcium carbide

shalala987 | 26 February, 2013 23:18

Calcium carbide is a chemical compound containing calcium & carbide, with a chemical formula of CaC2. Pure calcium carbide is colorless, but most of the material is produced industrially, & is impure, giving it a black or grayish-white color, depending on the quality. The main use for calcium carbide is in the production of the flammable gas acetylene.

It is necessary to produce calcium carbide industrially, because it is not naturally occurring in giant amounts. high temperatures, on the order of 3630 degrees Fahrenheit (2000 degrees C) are necessary to produce the material. It is made in a kind of furnace called an electric arc furnace, which can reach temperatures much hotter than those that are obtained through simple combustion. The basic chemical method used to make the material has not changed since it was discovered in 1888.

When any grade of calcium carbide comes in to contact with water, a chemical reaction immediately begins, which yields new compounds, of which is acetylene, a useful flammable gas. This is the principal modern use of calcium carbide. Countries such as China use giant amounts of acetylene as an industrial fuel, chiefly because it is cheaper to make & use domestically than to import petroleum for the same purpose. Oddly , acetylene may even be used to speed up the ripening of fruit, in the same way that ethylene is used.

It finds most of its makes use of in manufacturing various chemical substances. Another important use of calcium carbide is in the manufacturing of steel. Calcium carbide helps in desulfurization of any kind of iron and acts as an important fuel in the process of steelmaking. This procedure can extend to any amount of scrap formulized in to liquid iron. This of work much depends on the estimated budget. Calcium carbide also acts as a powerful deoxidizer in the work of the process of ladle treatment.

Calcium carbide is used in the production of calcium cyanamid by means of reacting it with nitrogen in a high temperature. Calcium cyanamid is further used for production of high quality fertilizers.

Calcium carbide is used in carbide lamps. For carbide lamps acetylene is added along with water for ignition. Carbide lamps are extensively used in copper, slate and tin mines. They are now being replaced by electric lamps but are still popular for adventures and scientific expeditions in caves. They are widely used in vintage cars for their sophisticated look.

Of the lesser known applications of acetylene gas is present in a unusual industry sector. Commercial fruit farmers usually pick their crops before they are fully ripe because green fruit is simpler to ship. Prior to sale, the green fruit is exposed to either ethylene or acetylene gas which acts as a hormone stimulator hastening the ripening process. In several Asian countries, the fruit is basically placed under bowls along with a couple of lumps of raw calcium carbide(cas NO.75-20-7) where moisture in the air causes the release of acetylene gas.

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H2C2 experiment

Murali | 27/02/2013, 21:29

Great post! We had an experiment in highschool in which CaC2 was placed in an empty soda bottle and then some water were added. Then a lit candle was placed near the opening of the bottle. As concentration of H2C2 in the bottle increased mixture ignited and bottles flue long distances.

Re: Many uses of Calcium carbide

Ishwar dev.... | 15/05/2014, 01:49

yes...this is true i have done this experiment in my school....

Re: Many uses of Calcium carbide

Munir Sarkar | 10/06/2014, 19:04


Re: Many uses of Calcium carbide

Guillaume Groen | 28/12/2014, 06:56

Actually Calcium Carbide is used in the rural area's of the Netherlands to shoot balls from 40 Liter Milk cans. As part of the new year festivities. A small bloc of Carbide and a bit of water are put inside a Milk cannister and a ball is used as a closing cap. The Carbide is dissolving into gas and a flame is held near a small opening at the bottom. And the gas ignites and shoots the ball away. The bang is what is the most important.

Look for images at

Re: Many uses of Calcium carbide

Ugyen Dema | 16/06/2015, 06:46

Watz Up???

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vishesh | 14/07/2015, 10:55


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Re: Many uses of Calcium carbide

Khasim Shaheed [prakasam distric] | 30/09/2015, 07:44

Calcium carbide is most used in the process of hasten ripening of fruites.
Calcium carbide is cheipper but its contain one of the denzerous point.
That is Calcium carbide after enter into fruite it is react with moist of the fruit and form calcium is CARSINOGENIC it is CARSINOGENIC. It cause cancer in HUMANS.

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rahul jha | 08/04/2016, 09:24

Well calcium carbide is used for many purposes but it can help in rising demand of fossil and reduction of population level by run cars with water. By a simple chemical reaction we can create a fuel.which can be used as a alternative fuel for car.The reaction of calsium carbide with water creates acetylene gas which is flammable gas.

Re: Many uses of Calcium carbide

himanshu kumar | 27/05/2016, 03:18

can we use calcium carbide as a n engine fuel??
and if it is used it as fuel then does it causes pollution??
if yes then it is renewable or non renewable resouce??

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